8 Great Ways to Increase Visits to Your Website

Posted Wed, April 29, 2015 by Julie Short - The HVAC Girl

8 ways to increase website traffic Increasing visits to your website isn't the only way to improve Internet marketing results, but it's almost always a good start. Without sufficient traffic to your website, you  can't generate leads or sales.

 Unfortunately, a lot of business owners and marketers struggle to attract new searchers and visitors on a regular basis. If that has been a challenge for you, you'll love  these eight proven ways to increase visits to your website:

 #1: Post to Your Blog More Often - adding new articles to your blog gives you more content for Google to index, especially when it comes to long-tell search terms. It  also gives visitors a reason to come back to your site and check out future articles.

 #2: Promote Your Posts More Effectively - make sure you're getting the most from every blog post by using interesting, search-optimized titles, including feature images  that attract attention, and announcing new articles with tweets and social updates.

 #3: Update Your On-Site SEO - new clients are often amazed to find out what some fresh keyword research, new meta descriptions, and internal links can do for their  search visibility. That translates into fresh web visits pretty quickly.

#4: Participate in Social Media Groups - joining and posting on social media forums creates links back to your website and exposes you to a new audience of potential website visitors and (eventually) customers.

#5: Look for Linking Opportunities - if you have friends or colleagues in related industries, see if you can have them link from their website to yours. You get fresh visits to your pages, and they get another helpful resource to share with their own customers and contacts.

#6: Create Video Clips for YouTube - often called the world's "second-largest search engine," YouTube gets hundreds of millions of hits per day. Posting a video online could be a great way to get people coming to your website.

#7: Try Guest Posting - if you don't already have lots of web traffic, why not post your content to a website that does? If people like your guest posts, they may follow a link to your website or look you up on Google.

#8: Give Away a Free eBook or Guide - searchers love free information, and offering a free e-book or special report on your website is a great way to bring fresh visitors to your virtual doorstep.

When you increase traffic to your website, new people are finding out about your company and lots of great things can happen. Give these eight strategies a try and see how well they can work for you!

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