About Us

Who is The HVAC Girl?

  • Mechanical Engineer by Degree
  • HVAC Junkie by Career
  • The HVAC Girl by Passion

I, Julie Short, spent the majority of my engineering career designing custom HVAC equipment and a number of years in a manufacturing representative’s office. When you check out my LinkedIN Profile, you’ll see where I’ve put my time in.

My goal now is to help HVAC companies understand that websites speak.  They can either be a positive reinforcement of the quality of company and work you produce, or they can negatively influence your relationships.

The websites I oversee have a greater impact because product knowledge and customer needs are incorporated into content and presentation. Any marketing company can build you a website, but without understanding your industry and your clients, it won’t be focused like you need it.

Check out some of my projects and then call me at 817-283-3324 to start working on yours!