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All you have to do is pick the product or company to promote.

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Hitachi Smartflex
AAON LZ Series

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Daikin WSHP
Daikin Trailblazer

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2 Reasons Your HVAC Emails Are Unsuccessful.

You aren’t sending any.  Most HVAC companies – whether manufacturer or rep – say that they don’t send out emails because they sell based on relationships.

However, what is being overlooked is that email is a cost-effective way to remind customers of the benefits of your products.  This fosters face-to-face selling and may bring to attention products the customer is currently not purchasing.

They’re boring.  Writing emails as if they were O&Ms will not draw anyone’s attention.  You need to allow customers to quickly scan your email to determine if the topic is valuable to them.  If they can’t, it is likely to be filed in the “Saved for Later” folder or deleted – never to be read.

Things to do:

–       Make it scannable.  Paragraphs should have headers and images correlating to the topic.
–       Make it about something they need.  Product topic should address their pain point and not just that it is new.

The HVAC Girl team can simplify Email Marketing.

The HVAC Girl (Julie Short) is a mechanical engineer with 10 years in the HVAC industry. If she hasn’t personally worked with your equipment, she can easily understand it.  This reduces the amount of time you need to participate in developing content.

We have design and programming experience with email campaigns, website maintenance, youtube channels, and LinkedIn profiles that will enhance whatever online strategy works for your company.