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Posted Wed, January 23, 2013 by Julie Short - The HVAC Girl


ScreenFab LLC is a wholesale window screen manufacturer for many of the big box home improvement stores. Previously, ScreenFab customers were ordering using spreadsheets.

These spreadsheets caused chaos because:

1. Different customers would use different spreadsheets.
2. Different spreadsheets would have different fields which increased the data integrity errors.
3. Each spreadsheet would contain multiple tabs with different orders.
4. All orders had to be hand processed.

5. There were no data checks, and that allowed orders to be sent to the shop floor incorrectly.
6. Pieces of the orders could be missed and not sent to the shop floor.

Along with the spreadsheet issues, ScreenFab LLC was bringing on multiple manufacturing facilities. “Without an online software solution, there was no way to control and maintain a consistent ordering process. Work orders were being hand processed and labels were being created via mail merge."

These issues increased overhead in the production process, and made quality control in the order-to-work-order phase difficult to maintain.

 We created an online database that:

1. Standardized the order process
2. Allows customers to place orders online – decreasing man hour involvement in the order process.
3. Alerts employees if there are errors in the order before it hits the production flow.
4. Automated work orders
5. Automatically generates Production and Shipping labels.

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