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Posted Tue, September 2, 2014 by Julie Short - The HVAC Girl

I really enjoy reading Bruce Kasanoff's articles, so I decided to take action when I read his "Five Quick Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile". The changes he recommends really are quick and I see how they would impact the value of my profile. It took me about 15 minutes to make the changes to my profile.

  1. Pick ONE focus for your LinkedIN profile - no change.

Even though initially there may seem to be a dual-focus within my LinkedIN profile, I believe I have an argument for all some of it. I currently do marketing for HVAC companies, but my history shows a significant amount of engineering. The engineering history brings value to my marketing because I understand the HVAC industry and the products that they sell. Therefore, the emails and websites I create are based upon a real understanding of the HVAC clients. All that being said; I'm not changing it.

  1. Turn your focus area into a short, powerful tagline - changed.

    My dilemma is to address this change specifically to attract attention and search capabilities for an industry that is business-to-business (B2B) and whose consumers are engineers, architects, contractors, manufacturing reps, and building owners. "The HVAC Girl" must be kept as it is a marketing tactic and if anyone searches on HVAC within LinkedIN, I can be found. But how to make it a succinct tagline? "The HVAC Girl creates emails" - seemed too short. "The HVAC Girl - Engineer on a Marketing Mission" - seemed too cheesy. That's when I landed on The HVAC Girl - Email Developer & Website Creator

    I didn't rewrite the summary, I flipped it around. As you can see in the before picture, the first thing listed is the benefit that my engineering background has to the marketing that I do. And then it lists how I help HVAC companies, manufacturers, and manufacturer reps. So per Bruce's recommendation, I put who I help and what I help with first and then why I bring value. Check out the revision.

    summary area - before
    The HVAC Girl LinkedIN Summary - BEFORE

  2. Add a powerful summary - changed.

    My friends know me as the purging queen, so "decrease the clutter" is my life's mantra, but I didn't go hog wild in this area for my profile. I kept my desired keywords for the search engines while restructuring how content was laid out to provide a cleaner look to my profile.

    1. Strip away clutter - changed

      Let me know what you think about the picture I have, I think that it is a good picture, but maybe someone has an opinion about that.

      1. Invest in a great picture - unchanged
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