Your website is your first impression. It’s often your first and sometimes only chance to attract new business online. Here are four ways your website affects your reputation.

Is your business trustworthy & professional? Regularly updated content lets prospects know you’re in business and you’re prepared for their Internet visit. It shows you care. The modern consumer is cautious about what they view online. Your website should be as personable as possible, so prospects feel like you’re a professional company and worth their business.

Your attention to detail – Just having a website isn’t enough. Think about your website like a proposal. You wouldn’t submit a proposal to a client that has errors, is hard to read and lacks the content needed to encourage them to choose your business. If your website is old, poorly designed or lacking updated information customers will think that’s how you treat your business.

Your level of success – Can you handle the BIG KAHUNA projects?  If your website is an absolute mess and it provides vague information, you’re inadvertently sending negative messages to prospects. You need to promote the size and types of projects you’ve completed so that you don’t get underestimated and overlooked for large scale projects.

Your attention to customer service – Bad, old and plainly designed websites miss out on the opportunity to relate to their customer.  Manufacturers can highlight how their website utilizes software solutions that reduce data errors and streamline customer ordering.

The HVAC Girl team can simplify the process of developing a website focused on your clients' needs.

The HVAC Girl (Julie Short) is a mechanical engineer with 10 years in the HVAC industry. If she hasn’t personally worked with your equipment, she can easily understand it.  This reduces the amount of time you need to participate in explaining your products and what is valuable to your client.  This industry insight enables The HVAC Girl to strategically design your website with the end in mind. Her team of designers and programmers ensure that your website is esthetically pleasing to the eye and has current website practices integrated at all levels.

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